Project Description

The chair belongs to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home & Museum in Mansfield, MO.

The chair was structurally in good condition, but the two-toned show covers of corduroy and a cross-hatched velvet had severely faded and were worn, especially on the arms.

To preserve the history of the object and its (possible) reupholstery, the treatment focused on preserving as much of the current upholstery as possible. The checked fabric was in relatively good condition, apart from the discoloration, and was saved in its entirety.

The inside and outside arms as well as the front rail and arm support panels were covered over in new orange corduroy fabric, as the current corduroy fabric in these areas had shredded and discolored the most. The new corduroy fabric had a very similar wale and a color that matched the faded cross-hatched velvet closely.