Q: How do I obtain conservation services?

Step 1: The first step in the conservation process is assessing the object’s current condition.

Examination of your objects can be done both on-site or in our conservation studio.

Step 2: A condition report is prepared outlining the object’s current condition.

Step 3: A treatment proposal is submitted outlining our recommendations for treatment. The treatment proposal becomes a contract outlining what work is to be performed and the associated fees.

Step 4: A treatment report documenting the work performed will be provided to the client. When applicable, photo documentation will be provided.

Step 5: Transportation of your pieces can be arranged through our shippers or by the shipper of your choice.

Q: How do I commission a reproduction?:

Step 1: Clients provide a photograph from a book or magazine, or the object itself. If the object to be reproduced cannot be shipped to our studio, we can travel to the site and collect all necessary information to make an accurate reproduction.

Step 2. Determine the wood, color, finish, and transportation arrangements

Step 3. A detailed contract along with scaled drawings must be approved before construction begins.

Q: Why commission Fallon & Wilkinson, LLC to build a reproduction?

A: We bring a three-fold approach to the process that our competition does not. First, we have the hand skills to build an exact copy. Secondly, we use the years of experience restoring antiques to insure that the materials, proportions, and details are accurate. Finally, our training at the Smithsonian Institution exposed us to some of the greatest collections of furniture in the world.

Q: Are you Insured?

A: Yes, we have Liability Insurance and Personal Property of Others Insurance.

Q: How is the studio secured?

A: Our studio is equipped with a monitored security system.

Q: Is the studio climate controlled?

A: Yes. Our studio is humidified in the winter months and air conditioned and dehumidified in the summer months.