Fallon & Wilkinson, LLC has the unique ability to create authentic reproductions of 18th and 19th century furniture. Years of experience as both cabinetmaker and polisher, have rendered our work worthy of presentation in museums and private collections throughout the country. Each commissioned piece is signed, dated, and numbered.

A reproduction can be obtained from:

  • Photographs in books or magazines
  • The original object

Reasons to commission a reproduction:

  • To complete a set (for example a client has a set of 6 chairs and would like 10 chairs)
  • Selling an original object at auction and would like a copy reproduced before selling
  • To fill a gap in a collection
  • The original object is unattainable because of price or rarity

Please visit our Furniture Reproductions Photo Gallery below for more samples of our custom built furniture.

How to commission a reproduction:

Step 1: Provide a photograph from a book or magazine, or the object itself. If the object to be reproduced cannot be shipped to our studio, we can travel to the site and collect all necessary information to make an accurate reproduction.

Step 2: Determine the wood, color, finish, and transportation arrangements.

Step 3: A detailed contract along with scaled drawings must be approved before construction begins.