Project Description

Upholstery is faded and cushion sagging. The frame has some loose joinery and general scuffs in addition to old woodboring insect damage.

After removal of the current faded and worn show cover, the seat was reupholstered with new webbing, propex sackcloth, original underupholstery edgeroll, new cotton batting, new muslin undercover, and sewn off-white showcover edge for the seat. A new cushion cover was sewn to encase the existing squab.

The wings and back were upholstered over the existing underupholstery and earlier showcover of similar blue velvet as was removed during this campaign. New cotton batting was applied over the previous show cover before attaching the new off-white showcover with piping outlining wings and back. The outer wings and back were hand sewn to the inner back and innerwings.