Project Description

Step 1. Stabilization and consolidation

  • consolidated loose and lifting gesso with Lascaux Medium for Consolidation
  • consolidated loose composition with fish glue
  • adhered breaks with fish glue
  • adhered major and minor (from box of retained) fragments
  • straightened all metal supports for candleholders and acanthus decoration

Step 2. Loss compensation

  • compensated for all losses in gesso layer with traditional rabbit skin glue gesso
  • compensated for all losses to the composition decoration (acanthus leaves, vines, etc) with Wood Epox and epoxy putty

Step 3. Cleaning and integration of loss compensation

  • lightly cleaned the entire mirror of dirt with damp cotton swabs and cotton balls
  • ingilded new elements with gold leaf (22.75kt, red gold, and rosanoble) using both water and oil gilding techniques on black bole
  • toned and patinated new gilding to match surrounding gilding